Public Charter Schools

We provide legal assistance to public charter schools that meet our charitable non-profit guidelines on matters relating to non-profit governance, contract preparation and school policies and regulations.


Non-Profit Governance

DCALF helps draft bylaws, including defining the size and function of the board, the roles of directors and officers, and the rules and procedures for holding meetings.


Contract Preparation

DCALF helps non-profit organizations prepare commercial, real estate and employment contracts.


School Policies and Regulations

DCALF helps public charter schools in DC write and enforce policies that are compliant with education regulatory requirements.

DCALF was designed to train recent Georgetown Law graduates in the skills necessary to represent the working poor in DCA at affordable rates. Our experience over the first two years demonstrates that this approach is providing enormous benefits to both DCALF’s clients and its lawyers.

~ Professor Jane Aiken, Vice Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Georgetown Law Center

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